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1976 Land Rover 101 GS

The Land Rover 101 forward control was developed by the British military to meet their needs for a ‘gun tractor’.  It was designed to tow the L118 Light Gun with a capacity of one tonne for supplies and ammunition.  The vehicle was designed for simplicity in all respects.  It was easily repaired in the field, had minimal components, was easily transported by air, and best of all it could be air dropped with a parachute attached from the 4 main anchors that were factory installed.

The name of the vehicle came from the 101” wheelbase and the position fo the driver (forward control…over the front axle).  

After 3 years of prototypes, it was sent for approval in 1972.   Over the next few years, it was mass produced from 1975-1978.  Approximately 2700 vehicles were produced.  The majority of vehicles were GS models (General Service) and are canvas soft-tops.  Three types of hard body 101's were also produced on stripped GS chassises.  These included the Ambulance (Approx. 300-450), a Radio Body (Approx. 125), and the ‘Vampire’ Radio Body (Approx. 9-18). 

The specifications fo the vehicle are:

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